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Our project experience covers different fields of activity, from residential construction to gastronomy and tourism, from new construction to reconstruction and renovation. We are also active in the field of project development, not only in Austria but also internationally. We will inform you regularly about news in architecture and construction, exciting projects and all innovations in our developments.

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New Buildings
Project Development
Like a beacon of progress and innovation, the "Bitcoin Tower K2 - The Gambia" is setting new standards in sustainable construction technology in The Gambia.
Detached houses in Sanyang
"Groundnut Farm" - modern, self-contained detached houses with complete independence.
In the Gambia it is important to develop a self-sufficient, sustainable building concepts that offers the residents a high quality of life on all levels while still maintaining a village-like, small-scale settlement structure.
"The Edge" at Kasumai Resort
A sustainable apartment complex in West Africa, right by the sea, is setting new standards in the Gambian construction industry.
Holzgau House And Holzgau Home
An open optical design creating a free attitude to life amidst the impressive mountain landscape with plenty of design and conveniences was devised.
Tiroler Sparkasse - Customer Centre for Independent Professions
The initially slightly cramped looking rooms have been designed more openly and given a cosy feel-good atmosphere with the comfortable standard harmonious colour concepts from the branch.
Tiroler Sparkasse - Self-Service Area Cyta Völs
A new concept solution was developed for the self-service areas of the Tiroler Sparkasse and Erste Bank, where one can immediately discover the recognition value of the branch concept.
Apartment, Kapuzinergasse
Modern living on the ground floor with a large media room in the basement.
Apartment, KAPUZINGERGASSE, Upper Floor
Modern apartment with 70s flair.
Tiroler Sparkasse - Schönberg Branch
The architectural concept of the new bank branch combines design and function in equal measure.
Leo's Beach Hotel
A modern building should be developed that is as self-sufficient as possible, considering climatic and ecological sustainability
Small Apartment, Uferstraße
Compact, modern living with perfectly used spaces.
WB Autobahn Maintenance - Bruck an der Leitha
The look of the new autobahn maintenance service unites modern and traditional aspects.
Competition – St. Valentin Event Centre
The idea for the design of this new building can be found in its structural design.
House SK
House K. is the design of a family home in a rural environment and in consideration of a certain avalanche risk, it ideally nestles into its environment.