Design - Consulting

Corporate Identity and Interior Design

Creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of our work and design, creation and functionality are the requirements of the project result. Thanks to our holistic project processing from development, architecture, interior design, design strategy and branding, not only all areas of project implementation are covered, but everything evolves from a single course and the project is thus consistent.


Corporate design, CD in short, is the general visual identity. Of course, in our field of work corporate design is mostly about corporate architecture, i.e. the company buildings, inside and outside, consistent colour schemes and use of materials. These concepts are of course also coordinated and based on a general existing CI and logo or branding specifications.

Interior Design

In architecture, interior design is the tool to design a room; the spatial and architectonic qualities should create cosy rooms where one can feel at home. Aspects and scales of the architectural space in its fields of relationships include the shape, structure, materialisation, perception and atmospheric qualities up to experimental holistic spatial concepts in artistic, social, ecological and economic terms.

Our Current Projects