Kasumai Real Estate




Bijilo - The Gambia



Time span:

2023 -2026



INNOVATIVE – UNIQUE – TRENDSETTING, these words aptly describe the current project by MASThave Architektur ZT GmbH. The innovative construction project in The Gambia - "The Bitcoin Tower K2 - The Gambia" sets new standards in terms of efficient eco-construction technology with 31 high-quality business apartments, office space and conference rooms. Centrally located in Bijilo with direct access to the beach, the outstanding high-rise concept offers special accomodations for business people and digital nomads. Space-saving, compact and with a holistic offering, the forward-looking building is an example of resource-saving land use in an urban development area. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and self-contained infrastructure, the Bitcoin Tower K2 is not just a place to do business, but a shining symbol that represents The Gambia's commitment to the Bitcoin movement. It will be a highlight in the network of Bitcoin countries, attracting visitors from all over the world and boosting the country's economy.

The aim of the planning is to develop a high-quality, innovative and, most importantly for The Gambia, a sustainably self-sufficient and at the same time reliable building concept. This should offer users successful working and holistic living in an exclusive environment. The focus is on people and business in conjunction with an inspiring community. The building structure provides the framework for a purposeful, free development of potential and guarantees an independent, positive environment. Sustainability, particularly in terms of energy, is realised with ecological systems and carefully considered planning. The unique and innovative building structure, clear and flexible room sequences and the alternation between indoor and outdoor areas create excellent conditions for combining work and relaxation perfectly and making the best possible use of your time in an efficient and targeted manner.