The planning process as the course of the project phases

In the construction process, the planning process is divided into different phases, which can also be seen as milestones. These phases of development are also identical to the service profiles that we architects have to provide during a project. The services range from the basic determination of the foundations as project basis to documentation and remedy of deficiencies to complete the implementation process. Roughly one can speak of two superordinate levels of the planning phase, one being the preparation and then the implementation. The better and detailed the planning is coordinated and fixed in the preparation phase, the shorter and smoother the implementation of it will be, and there will also be quite positive effects on costs and cost control. Therefore an adequate time frame for the preparation phase of a project implementation is absolutely advisable.

Preliminary design

The preliminary design aims at developing a concept where all requirements can be realised and which is coherent. In doing so, project-specific problems have to be considered to obtain a coherent and feasible planning concept. The preliminary design or concept serves then as a basis for the further planning of the implementation. Here all framework conditions for a project are defined and the entire planning concept is worked through, taking into account the requirements of urban planning, design, function, engineering, economy , energy management and landscape ecology, using the contributions of specialist planners involved, right through to the complete design.

Technical Design

Based on our preliminary design, we continue to develop our technical design and plan it in detail. The content of the technical design varies depending on the project and its requirements, but it should contain all information necessary for a successful implementation. This usually includes extensive floor plans, sections, views and details. The technical planning follows exact standards so that everyone around the world knows how to read the planning documents. All the necessary planning contributions of involved experts must also be incorporated here in a detailed and implementation-compliant manner.

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