The Kunta Kinteh Village



Kunta Kinteh Beach Complex




Kotu - Gambia


Gastronomy and Tourism

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Located right at the sea, near the beach of Kotu, lies the well-knonw Kinteh Beach Bar with its 22 small bungalows for living and vacationing. The planned extension of the beach complex, “The Kunta Kinteh Village” takes up the small structure of the existing buildings with the individual bungalows and transforms it into a modern, small-scale concept of an apartment building ensemble with an attractive visual axis between the picturesque beach and the natural relaxation zone. The basic idea consist of 4 smaller semi-detached houses with 5 differently sized residential units each and another building that serves as a welcome area and also includes different conference rooms for events.

The planning aims at developing a high-quality, innovative and, particularly important in the Gambia, a self-sufficient and sustainable building concept that offers the residents a high quality of life on all levels while still maintaining a village-like, small-scale settlement structure typical of the surrounding area. A home is meant to provide strength and security and should make you strong for your everyday life. The more consciously the design of the personal living space is dealt with, the more positive and purposeful the effect of the home can be for all residents. The focus is on the individual and also on the community, the building structure and the design offer the framework for free development and ensure an independent and positive environment.