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St. Valentin



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Schwaighofer + Partner ZT GmbH

The new event centre with an integrated music school is located south of the train station of St. Valetin, directly on the Westbahn railway line. The entire system is embedded as a compact structure on the level between a tree-covered green area
to the Langenharterstraße in the north, the railway line in the east and the industrial area in the south and west. The ensemble of buildings is set on the property at a scale adapted to the property and is significantly influenced by the separate development of the music school and event centre.

The idea for the design of this new building can be found in its structural design. The division of the required functional areas creates a complete spatial separation of the uses. This gives the building complex a logical and generous sequence of rooms on the inside. Nevertheless, the two different areas of use form a functional unit, which is reflected architecturally in the intertwined structures.