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Brufut Hights - Gambia


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Leo’s Beach Hotel is in Brufut Heights, a peaceful living area on a small rock above the Atlantic Ocean and only 20 kilometres from the Banjul airport. The boutique hotel has six guest rooms, 2 suites, a bar and a restaurant open to all with a 100m² pool in front of it. The clients’ specification was a western, modern design, very straight and puristic. The result was an L-shaped structure that opens up to the sun and the sea with a slight slope. The colours are in line with the picturesque surroundings, the yellow of the sun, the brown-red of the earth, the grey-black of the content and the white of the whitecaps of the waves. This way, the geometric structures unite to form a building that provides relaxing, restful holidays for many.


A modern building should be developed that is as self-sufficient as possible, considering climatic and ecological sustainability. That meant achieving the lowest possible energy consumption in managing it. The house has its own drinking water well and a solar-powered system for water heating, which means that the hot water supply is covered easily and cheaply. Placed under the stairs of the access to the private apartment, the fountain is integrated almost invisibly into the house. This ensures a completely independent water supply source that is continuously available for daily use. Because of the climatic conditions, special emphasis was placed on effective ventilation and shading. All rooms therefore have a spacious, covered balcony that also provides shade. Windows on both sides of the room allow lateral ventilation to ensure a pleasant room temperature, so that the air conditioning in the rooms is rarely used by the guests.